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Pringle tube Speaker

I didn't have any way of playing my mp3 player in my office. I have an awesome old boombox that plays tapes and radio but it's far too awesome to try and take apart. This was my 5 minute solution...

There's 3 computer speakers inside and one speaker from a long forgotten source ontop, all simply wired up to a small audio jack. It's not the loudest thing in the world, but I only need it to play on my desk to my ears so it works just fine!

Quick video to show it in action, also to see how good the blogger video hosting stuff is!

Quick Note! for those who are searching for the current Pringle Tube limited edition speaker, it's not here. However, you could easily make one from spare parts and a quick small amplifier and it'd probably end up being cheaper than the 3 tubes of pringles you bought.