Reclaimed, Recycled and Scavenged Musical instruments and Noise makers.


Piano Stool Viol

It's been a while since I made this one, but things have been very busy over here and I never got around to playing it much!

It's made entirely from a broken piano stool! The neck was one of the legs and then the body is made from 3 planks that surrounded just underneath the cushioned seat.

The burnt design is one of Phil Mann's tattoo designs, he recently added to my little collection of inked bits of skin and his designs are utterly incredible. His site is here, and 100% worth a look at.

There is a small piezo embedded in the inlay underneath the bridge, which goes directly to the amp. The strings are strimmer wire and the tuning pins are from a piano.

I'm not quite good enough to carry a tune on a bow yet, so I hooked up my loop station and made enough textures with it to hopefully cover up my awful technique!