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Not all Dronemachines are created equal

As part of my commission for Christopher Campbell I created a fretted Dronemachine. It used circular washers, the shades from  desk lamps, my usual circular pickup from an electric fan, bits of shower rails and various bits and bobs.

The idea was nice and simple, the method of play was much like my other machines except that the washers acted like frets that you could shorten each wire with ease. In practise though, it proved very very difficult to build, and once the wooden base had warped slightly, it put all the frets out of place and messed up all my careful measurements!

I'm not one to hide the failures, if anything they're very good things to learn from... So here is the failure in all it's glory!

BUT, fear not, for I have come up with an even better sounding machine with which to replace this one with. Which is all very exciting.