Reclaimed, Recycled and Scavenged Musical instruments and Noise makers.


2 fails and a goodbye!

I'm currently in the process of clearing out my office/workshop:

and packing up the tools that I use most often:

I'll be putting a few more instruments up over the next few days. In the meantime this is 2 instruments that didn't quite make it...

The basic Tinjo:

It could have worked if I cared enough to finish it! I wanted to make it a very quick build but it ended up with more problems than it was worth... didn't sound all that great either.

aaaaaaaaaand the Aeolian Baking Tray:

This is a failed instrument prototype. I was aiming for an aeolian harp made from a baking tray that used just one tuning peg and a very long piece of wire wrapped around a bunch of nails.

The construction was simple but it didn't work when introduced to some strong winds, I guess just not enough resonance to make it hum!

so this is just a deme of me plucking it before i get rid of it!