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Windjo MKII - Megafail

I enjoyed the results of the first Windjo so soon after decided to make something that could be wall-mounted or shoved on a pole or something, so came up with the Windjo MKII. In theory and practise it works fine, unfortunately it sounds like this:


which sounds remarkably similar to a wet fart in a large room.

This has been made for a while now but I haven't had a chance to put it online. Soon after I'd finished it, Ranjit from the wonderful Moonmilk pointed me to something he'd made years before that sounds a lot better and looks better too. So if you want to see how this could have sounded if it'd been thought through and made better then go here!

I think the only salvageable part from this one is the bridge design, which I'm probably going to try and use in some wind powered hurdy gurdy thing as I like the idea of wind-powered sculptural musical funness.
More photos after the break...